Precious In His Sight

We are a society where race often has a profound effect on life experiences, life opportunities, and social relationships. Segregation ended a long time ago, but even to this day practical separation between black Americans and white Americans often still exists. Somehow we often end up living in different neighborhoods, attending different schools, watching different TV shows, listening to different music and even joining different churches. Racial separation, tension, and misunderstanding have anything but vanished, as many recent controversial events prove.

The truth is, the current racial issues in America didn’t come out of nowhere. There is a history. A story. However, the hope that God’s people walk in regarding the potential of racial reconciliation didn’t come out of nowhere either. 

If we are going to have any shot at being a faithful church in our context, we have to know the story of God and the story of America. When we are equipped with both of these stories and an identity that goes deeper than skin color, Gods people have much to offer in the face of long-standing racial issues.

To help our LifeGroups grow in our understanding of American history and God's story, we decided to write a book for this series. Inside of the book you will find a chapter to go along with each week of the series, corresponding study guides and black pages for taking notes. To get the most out of this series we encourage you to read each chapter, take notes and discuss it with the members of your LifeGroup. We won't be having bulletins for this series so please remember to bring your book each week to the Gatherings.