Most everyone has an opinion on Jesus. Maybe you think he’s God in the flesh. Maybe you think he’s a helpful spiritual mentor. Maybe you think he was sort of crazy. A rebel, a pithy teacher, a homeboy. Or maybe you’re not sure he ever actually existed.

Whatever the case, everyone has some sort of answer to the question. The important thing is to ask “is my version of Jesus the real one?” Answering that question is perhaps the most important thing you’ll ever do. Because all of life hangs on the answer.

Study Guides

To accompany our Luke series, we've created study binders that include space for sermon notes, personal study questions, and LifeGroup discussion guides. The study guide pages are available on their respective sermon pages available below:


|giv| 2015

Every year we use Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday momentum to rally our church to the gospel origins of Christian generosity and incarnational ministry. Because Jesus gave himself, we give ourselves in response. This series will take 3 weeks to orient our church family around the idea of church planting in Lexington and Knoxville. Find out more about our efforts to plant these churches here.


Everybody worships. The question is, “What do we worship?” Some of us worship our jobs, worship our families, worship our significant other. Some of us worship more obscure things like control, power, or comfort. And whatever we worship is what we will pour all our time, attention, and affections into.

So the question becomes, what is actually worthy of our worship? In this series, our Two Notch church takes a look at how God, above all things, is ultimately worthy.