|giv| 2015

Every year we use Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday momentum to rally our church to the gospel origins of Christian generosity and incarnational ministry. Because Jesus gave himself, we give ourselves in response. This series will take 3 weeks to orient our church family around the idea of church planting in Lexington and Knoxville. Find out more about our efforts to plant these churches here.

|giv| 2014

Every year around the holidays, we participate in something we like to call |giv|. We spend time talking about what God did in |giv|ing us Jesus, and then spend time |giv|ing in return. Through the years, we’ve looked for needs in our city and our world, and then partnered together to help meet those needs.

Through the years, we’ve done things like…

  • |giv|ing shoes to people without them
  • |giv|ing money to plant churches in India
  • |giv|ing hoodies to people in the cold in Columbia
  • |giv|ing Christmas presents to kids in the Yucatan peninsula
  • |giv|ing safe houses to children rescued out of sex slavery
  • |giv|ing to plant a church in inner-city Columbia.

Because He gave, we |giv|. It’s that simple.